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KREONET, acronym for Korea Research Environment Open NETwork, is a national R&D network that is supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and run by KISTI, Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information, since 1988. KREONET supports more than 200 R&D institutes in the industry, academia and the researching field by providing high performance network infrastructures that could give various science-technology information, super-computing ability, GRID, research resources of e-Science applying.

KREONET is based on 16 regional nets(GigaPoP) including Kyungpook National University, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology and Jeju National University. It is providing high performance networking service by establishing a network infrastructure based on local network center, which is capable of doing various researches wherever in the country. By this network, KROENET provides the domestic researchers environment for collaborative research about advanced applied science.


Also to support the advanced R&D in the Daedeok Research Development complex, KREONET is providing high-performance network infrastructure to develop and test of advanced applied science technology. It is done by establishing 100Gbps backbone network SuperSiReN, a science technology research network. It is also servicing a high end research network for advanced applied science research based on 50 and more 1Gbps high frequency circuits.

To activate global collaborations in research activities, international research network service of KREONET is supporting R&D in fields including advanced applied science by establishing GLORIAD, a 10Gbps high performance network infrastructure, with forward countries in the field of science such as the USA, China, Russia, Canada and the Netherlands.

Main networking services of KREONET includes lambda networking, distribution of dynamic resources, IPv6, Qos, multicasting, measuring service quality of networks, security(CERT-KREONET), middle way network service. It also supports the research of appliances in the field of supercomputing, science and industrial technology information, GRID, e-Science and etc. All these services are monitored and analyzed 24/7 in KREONET Network Operation Center to be operated stably.

KRENET holds committee of working levels to activate the information exchange between the users in the client institutes and the network administrators. It is also running 3 working group subdivision in the committee for collaborations of each sections in the service. Also for its smooth management and development of the networks, it has KREONET advisory committee to discuss about important policies. KREONET workshops and biannual work level workshops are also held for the people in the related field to cooperate with each other.

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